Pinot Noir

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  • Bottle of B.C. Pinot Noir Wine
    Award-Winning Wines

    B.C. Pinot Noir

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    Hailing from British Columbia, this wine showcases the best aromas bright red berries have to offer.

  • A Bottle of Black Cherry wine
    Award-Winning Wines

    Black Cherry

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    Big flavor and low drama make the InVINtions’ Fun Seekers’ collection the true life of any party.

  • Bottle of Cool Climate Pinot Noir

    Cool Climate Pinot Noir

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    Relax with this light, balanced, yet robust Pinot Noir which brings with it the attributes of an unusually long, cool and steady growing season in Sonoma County.

  • Bottle of Willamette Pinot Noir wine

    Willamette Pinot Noir

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    Grab your favorite flannel blanket and curl up with our Willamette Pinot Noir as you envision the fog and cool ocean breeze of the Pacific Northwest where these amazing grapes were grown.

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