Vento Ripassa


Prepare yourself to be transported to the Vento region of North-Eastern Italy with its intricate and fruity offering.

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The term “Ripassa” refers to the production process whereby wine from the first pressing of the three Italian varietals is added to a cask containing the skins and lees left over from fermented Amarone wines. Adding the lighter Valpolicella-style wine over the remainder of the bigger Amarone wine imparts additional color, texture and flavor to the Valpolicella-style Ripassa. This process leaves you with a fragrant and tangy wine with distinctive cherry, black plum, and chocolaty aromas, bringing through a fuller-bodied offering, which is an excellent addition to your special occasion; pairing well with grilled Venison chops, velvety well made mushroom Risotto and traditional spaghetti and meatballs. 

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