Grand VIN Wine Club

The Grand VIN Wine Club is InVINtions, A Creative Winery’s elite level of membership, available exclusively to our Charter Wine Club members.   Membership in Grand VIN cannot be bought.  It must be earned! Call us at (303) 799-9463 or click here to contact us for more information!


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There are two ways to earn Grand VIN Status in the Grand VIN Wine Club for the next calendar year:

  1. A Charter Member must purchase five batches of wine in the previous calendar year.


  1. A Charter Member can become part of the Cask Owner’s Club!

What are the Benefits of Grand VIN?

•      Invitation for you and a guest to the Grand VIN Exclusive Wine Maker’s Dinner (a $600 value);

•      The quarterly Wine Club Party reservation charge is waived (a total annual value of $160);

•      Grand VIN Members are the only people who can shut down the ENTIRE winery (including the Barrel Room) for a private event;

•      Grand VIN Private Party Discount is worth up to 15% (instead of 10% in the other Clubs);

•      Exclusive access to the Barrel Club to purchase interests in special Barrel Wines!

•      More benefits are added each year!

If you’re new to the Denver area, visit for ideas of fun things to do!

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