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Full Bodied

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Brunello

The picturesque hills of Tuscany will instantly transcend on your palate, as you experience one of Italy’s most famous and prestigious wines, Brunello. Formally known as Brunello di Montalcino, these wines are made from Sangiovese grapes grown on the slopes around Montalcino - a classic Tuscan hilltop village 20 miles south of Siena. A wine with character to rival those who drink it, Brunello has brilliant garnet hue and its bouquet of berries with underlying vanilla, spice and a hint of earthiness brings balance to the finest bottles at your table. The ultimate wine for grilled steak, or a perfect complement to marinated mushrooms over polenta. Ideal drinking age at 18-24 months.

$7 Glass / $22.95 Bottle / $385 Batch Lodi Cabernet

The acidity and tannins found in the Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon help form the basic elements for its structure and longevity, while not overwhelming the palate with chewy, choky tannins. With bold flavors including hints of black currant, cherry, pepper, oak and earth, this dense wine is great with or without food. With a muscular structure, this Cabernet will provide an angular mouth feel, and pairs perfectly with beef and game dishes as well as firm cheeses.

$7 Glass / $22.95 Bottle / $385 Batch Copperhead Cabernet-Shiraz

Coiled and ready to strike! This spicy, acidic Copperhead Cabernet-Shiraz is one of the most playful and daring wines in our cellars. The Copperhead Cabernet-Shiraz delivers a combination of deep fruit flavors that will burst onto your palate, bringing with it smooth tannins as you enjoy ripe plum, cassis and raspberry aromas, hints of pepper and subtle oak. A lovely partner for grilled steaks, pizza or tomato based pasta dishes. You’ll hit the Copperhead’s sweet spot by ageing for 18 months.

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch South African Shiraz

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Malbec-Shiraz

Bring on the in-laws! This dynamic blend of two raw and remarkable varietals is sure to leave an unforgettable impression on your guests. A deep, concentrated, oak-aged style, with its purple color and intense spiced-fruit aromas complemented by oaky vanilla and cedar notes. Formidable spicy fruit notes are followed on the palate by moderate tannins and flavors of blueberry, plum, licorice, pepper and leather. Enjoy with a rich risotto or even deep dish pizza.

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Chateau

A distinctive blend of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan, this wine brings wine making styles of the southern Rhone Valley right into your home. Exhibiting flavors of many berries like cherry, raspberry and blackberry, this wine is extremely round and mouth filling. You will also notice hints of plum combined with notes of pepper and chocolate, making this a heavy and dry red that pairs nicely with roasted game, red meats, baked or roasted vegetables, risottos and mild cheeses.

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Amarone

An idiosyncratic blend of fine Italian grapes that spend several months drying to concentrate the flavors, the Amarone is extracted and fleshy. This wine is well structured and meaty with bold flavors of sour cherries, raisins, dark chocolate, tobacco, and leather. Recommended pairings include intensely flavored meats, wild game, pastas with rich meat sauces and bold cheeses.

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon

Take time to enjoy the sunset. This smokey but smooth wine combines resilient dark fruit qualities and a big, chewy, mouth feel with a subtle hint of orange peel or Grand Marnier-like aromatics and flavors. An opulent alternative to the run of the mill Cabernets permeating the wine world. Drink this refined wine with red meats, flavorful and hearty pastas with tomato sauces, lamb, strong-flavored cheese, and chocolates (especially dark).

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Shiraz

Our spicy, big-hitting Shiraz from the Riverina region of Australia is sure to be a crowd pleaser. With its firm, yet smooth tannins, this Shiraz is medium-to-full bodied with a balanced, yet robust flavor profile. From the rich round flavors of black cherry, blackberry and plum, to spicy bell pepper, black pepper, clove, and licorice, it hints of subtle dark chocolate. This Shiraz ages gracefully into a velvety wine of pure perfection, making it perfect for entertaining. Savor this wine and enjoyed with grilled meats or veggies, wild game, richly flavored red meats and beef stew.

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot is a highly concentrated grape, exuding abundant color, structure and flavor. Hailing from Bordeaux, you get aromas of smoke, leather and earth undertones, along with rich, bold dark fruit flavors, pepper, spices and minerals all throughout this wine. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how versatile this wine is when it comes to food pairings. Enjoy it with red meats and aged cheese, barbecued meats, pork spare ribs and even duck.

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Super Tuscan

Bellissimo! Take a ride along the Tyrrhenian coast and find nothing but finesse in this extraordinary blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Sangiovese. This amazingly big and full-bodied wine has a solid structure, bold fruit notes and a round finish with complex notes of cassis, plum and cherry all perfectly balanced with the bold tannins. French and American oaks used with this wine contribute toasty vanilla flavors and greater depth in this intense flavor profile. Pair with Lamb, Beef and any Tuscan-style dishes.

$7 Glass / $22.95 Bottle / $385 Batch Merlot-Stag’s District

Don’t think for a minute that this is your Aunt’s back patio Merlot. After all, the grapes come from the oldest wine growing district in California. Our Stag’s Leap Merlot is surprising, dry and medium bodied with a soft fruity palate of plums and red berries, giving everything the varietal should, plus so much more. Its characteristic spicy aroma, accentuated with light warm oak, foreshadows the rich, round, smooth and mouth-filling flavor experience, finishing with lengthy elegance. This wine pairs nicely with beef dishes, poultry with rich sauces, game birds, pasta with tomato sauces, firm cheeses and bean-based dishes.

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Old Vines Zinfandel

Utilizing old twisted vines ranging in age from 50 to 100 years makes the underlying fruit in this wine more concentrated in flavor resulting in a well balanced and significantly structured wine. This Zinfandel exudes multidimensional silken layers, an up-front core of blackberry and dark cherry aromas, followed by suggestions of strawberry and cranberry. Undertones are of chocolate, almond and exotic spice with an unmistakable black pepper sensation on the finish. Pairs beautifully with steak and beef dishes, venison, BBQ ribs, pizza, eggplant, cheeses: asiago, goat, gouda, gruyere.

$7 Glass / $22.95 Bottle / $385 Batch Carmenere

From the central valley of Chile, this Carmenere is full-bodied and deeply colored, combining some of the best qualities of the Cabernet and Merlot varietals. Hints of blackberry, black cherry, tropical fruit, and spice are met with leather, chocolate and tobacco providing a back drop to the overall aromas and flavors rounded out with soft tannins, subtle toast and vanilla. Pairs beautifully with dishes like grilled steak, stroganoff, blue and hard aged cheeses. Or, take advantage of the natural fruit spiciness and serve it up with Indian curry or a Mexican mole.

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Barbera

Acerbo and spezia are the two most obvious native words to describe this wine sourced from the Piedmont region in Northwest Italy. The Barbera has a deep ruby color with high levels of acid but moderate to low tannins. The aromas and tastes of red fruits and black cherries are euphoric and will not be lost in the spice and green flavors that also permeate this wine. Pair with beef, duck, goose, prosciutto, salami, simple risotto or pastas with mushrooms, pizzas with parmigiano-reggiano cheese, tomatoes, clams, mussels, anchovies and olives.

$7 Glass / $22.95 Bottle / $385 Batch Cool Climate Pinot Noir

Relax with this light, balanced, yet robust Pinot Noir which brings with it the attributes of an unusually long, cool and steady growing season in Sonoma County. A lush, layered blend of red currant, black cherry, and plum hang on an ample structural backbone to give you a wine that surpasses any previous expectations you had for Pinot Noir. Serve cool to the touch at 63F with salmon, duck or truffle brie.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Tuscan Trio

One of our most sought after red wine blends, commonly known as the "Super Tuscan" wines of central Italy, have been brought together to bring you our Tuscan Trio. The combination of three incredible grapes; Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, when combined, typically draws on the power and structure of Cabernet Sauvignon, the sweet, juicy fruit flavors of Merlot and the rustic, sour-cherry tang of Sangiovese. The Tuscan Trio’s black cherry flavors and forest-floor aromas offer a fresh and inviting allurement. Pair this Italian classic with antipasti dishes, pasta with meat sauce and grilled vegetables.

$8 Glass / $32.95 Bottle / $499 Batch Strabiliante Amarone

Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes are all playing a role in this bottle. The prominent Corvina introduces the ripe fruity flavors, of cherry, plum and black currant that will evolve into even more complex tertiary flavors such as dried plum and cherry jam, showcasing the roundness of this wine. The flowery aromas complement the power of the fruit while the leggy finish leaves you knowing this is a dry, full-bodied red with great depth. You’ll notice hints of bitter almonds, leather, raisins, tobacco, and a touch of bittersweet chocolate. This wine is the perfect pair to intensely flavored meats, wild game and poultry, pasta with rich meat or truffle sauce and bold cheeses.

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Mozzafiato Rossa

Without a doubt, your first sip and each thereafter will make you want to shout Bravissimo! This wine is a pure gem in our cellars, with its Sangiovese (40%), Merlot (40%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) grape skins fermented in Hungarian oak, we reach a complexity that is not easily duplicated. Much like the Tuscan region where the grapes are grown, our Mozzafiato Rossa is complex, bold and full bodied. Notes of cherry and plum will dance on your palate as hints of cassis are complimented with rich tannins and an enchanted lingering finish. Worthy of sharing the spotlight with filet mignon, sharp cheeses, berries and black cherries.

$7 Glass / $22.95 Bottle / $385 Batch Vento Ripassa

Prepare yourself to be transported to the Vento region of North-Eastern Italy with this intricate and fruity offering. The term “Ripassa” refers to the production process whereby wine from the first pressing of the three Italian varietals is added to a cask containing the skins and lees left over from fermented Amarone wines. Adding the lighter Valpolicella-style wine over the remainders of the “bigger” Amarone wine imparts additional color, texture and flavor to the Valpolicella-style Ripassa. This process leaves you with a fragrant and tangy wine with distinctive cherry, black plum and chocolaty aromas; bringing through a fuller-bodied offering, which is an excellent addition to your special occasion; pairing well with grilled Venison chops, velvety well-made mushroom Risotto and traditional spaghetti and meatballs.

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Langhe Rege Nebbiolo (Barolo)

The champion of our Italian reds, the “King of Wines,” this Nebbiolo is native to the rugged and sloping hills of Langhe. Calcareous clay soils and perfect orientations for the vines make this notoriously demanding varietal blossom into the perfect fruit for this wine. To satisfy the modern palate, this often tannic wine is made friendlier and more accessible with fleshy fruit gusto. The hauntingly redolent aromas are reminiscent of rose, tar, violet, prune, cherry and tobacco. The bold acidity means this wine pairs tremendously with hearty red meats, heavy sauces, cured meats and hard cheeses.

$8 Glass / $24.95 Bottle / $455 Batch Devil’s Rebellion

Captivating and bold. This full-bodied red offers big plum and cherry fruit with a defining spice of red currant that leaves your palette begging for forgiveness. The finish is as dramatic as the beginning, drawing you in and enticing your senses with rich black cherry, mocha, vanilla and smoke flavors that pair incredibly well with fiery barbecued pork ribs or red meats seared over the hot flames of the grill.

Medium Bodied

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Valpolicella

A beautiful red wine from Italy’s north-eastern region of Vento. Composed of Corvina (70%), Rondinella (20%) and Molinara (10%) grapes, you’ll be embraced by this lighter, yet complex wine which is perfect for anyone. This typically mid-bodied, fruit-driven wine is equally enjoyable at room temperature or slightly chilled on a warm summer afternoon. The defining character of our Valpolicella style is its fragrant, tangy cherry aroma. A versatile wine for various food pairings; from stuffed mushrooms to veal parmigiana or even chocolate cookies, it’s hard to find a food that isn’t easily complimented by this wine.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch GSM (Grenache/Syrah/Mourvedre)

GSM, it’s an astounding gem in our collection of medium-bodied red wines. A sophisticated presentation of Grenache 40%, Syrah 40% and Mourvedre 20%, this French Style wine is distinct and savory, although it does have notes of black currants and stewed plums to accompany undeniable trademark aromas that are both leathery and earthy. GSM is a spectacular partner for wood-fired leg of lamb, steaks and stews.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Grand Vidure (Carmenere)

Chile’s signature grape, the Carmenere, is the deepest, darkest, purplest of all red grapes and the key to making Grande Vidure: an unforgettable wine experience. Its distinctive pepper, spice and deep, dark fruit character (more plum than berry), make up an incredible profile of flavors. Once you try it, you know, there's really nothing else like it. Smooth, well-rounded tannins, make this a very pleasing and easy-to-drink varietal. Enjoy it with red meats such as char grilled sirloin steak and barbequed lamb chops; chocolate, or even a Mexican mole. The perfect age for enjoyment is between 12-18 months.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Full Monte

Don’t be bashful; it’s not that kind of Full Monte! This is the fun loving, uncomplicated and easy-going Full Monte, that is the most welcome guest at any backyard barbeque or casual dinner party. The Montepulciano grapes are primarily grown in the province of Abruzzo along Italy’s Adriatic coast. This region produces dry, fairly acidic wine that has a full-bodied texture and strong flavors of wild berries and cherries, tobacco, dark chocolate and robust spices. It’s an intriguing wine to try as a switch from Merlot or even a spicy Zinfandel. Pair it with roasted chicken or rich risotto.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Maule Valley Malbec

The Maule Valley has produced some amazing wines with Malbec grapes that come from vines planted in cooler areas of higher altitude. Breathe in this Malbec and its deep, dense and dark purple color. On the nose, it shows aromas of violets and plums with touches of leather and tobacco that also features vanilla and cinnamon, depending on its aging in wood. With lots of juicy fruit on the palate, its tannins are gentle and sweet, but you will notice a bite of the mineral profile that results from the cooler growing climate. It has great body, a lush texture, and it is the ideal wine to go with grilled or stewed meats.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Nebbiolo Tanaro (Barolo)

A hypnotic wall of fog rolls down to the Tanaro River in the Piedmont region of Italy, not far from where Nebbiolo is grown. This wine is complex and assertive with noticeable cherry iridescence. Although distinctive flowery notes are present often violet or rose, you have to look past the bold spice to find them. You are more likely to notice aromas like camphor, chocolate, damsons, eucalyptus, mulberries, plum, and wild herbs. Put this wine with grilled beef, venison, pot roast, game birds, pasta, white truffles or soft cheeses and you will not be disappointed.

$7 Glass / $22.95 Bottle / $385 Batch Pinot Noir

While it may not seem possible, if you close your eyes, you will taste the staggering beauty of the New Zealand country side while sipping this splendid Pinot Noir. The intense, expressive and fruit-driven personality of this wine makes it a delightful summer red. An aromatic wine with layers of cherry, plum, spice and subtle floral. Good flavor intensity with impressive purity and energy make this the most dynamic Pinot Noir in our collection. The supple richness of this Pinot Noir complements a range of savory dishes. Try it alongside game birds such as quail, turkey, and duck; with a fillet of salmon; or equally with pork, veal, lamb or venison. An excellent wine to enjoy 6-12 months from now, best served at 60F.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Limari Pinot Noir

An elegant and voluptuous Pinot Noir hailing from the Limari Province of Chile. Experience an exquisite bright red color that accompanies a nose of finesse and complexity, where notes of bitter cherry, strawberry, raspberry and plum, mingle with background hints of leather and smoke. This versatile wine gains power and smokiness with air, along with a musky nuance and gentle tannins that fold smoothly into the wine's fruit on the long, sweet finish. It will enhance the flavor of whole grains, all kinds of mushrooms and herbs, making it a favorite for vegetarians. This is a wine that will make any white meat look good, as well as soups, stews and flavorful fish dishes.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Cuvee Cabernet

Quite possibly our favorite “all-around” Cabernet. The Cuvee Cabernet is fruit forward with medium body and bright acidity. If you’re looking for a light tannin red that pairs easily and makes you a rock star host for having the perfect wine that goes with everything, then grab this fruity, accessible and off-dry finishing Cabernet.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Cuvee Syrah

An edgy, dynamic tasting profile with a vibrant nose of dark berries, albeit black pepper and spice aromas are readily apparent. The palate follows suit adding a melange of cedar, red currants and orange rind to the mix. This is a smooth medium bodied Syrah with a silkiness and freshness that invigorates the mouth through its lingering tannins and persistent finish. The Cuvee Syrah has a balance to be age worthy and will pair perfectly with a rich Bolognese sauce, Peppercorn Rib Eyes and dry rubbed BBQ baby back ribs.

$5 Glass / $9.95 Bottle / $209 Batch Diablo

Looking for something that’s bold, spicy and has a blast of fruit? Then look no further than our ‘sinfully smooth’ Diablo. A big red wine that is made from Merlot grapes, but don’t let your mind wonder, this is no ordinary Merlot. Diablo is oaky and melded with berries and vanilla aromas - you’ll get a blast of raspberry notes from this one! An excellent wine to impress your guests over a pot of Beef Bourguignon, juicy Prime Rib or even on its own by a roaring fire pit. An excellent aging wine, but if you just can’t wait, it’s perfect now too.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Rouge et Vin Merlot

A classic French style wine; this cool climate Merlot has so much to offer and should undoubtedly be a staple in your cellar. Rouge et Vin has light spices and tannins to accompany the big beautiful dark fruit flavors of black cherry, raspberry and plum. An oaked wine with a soft finish. Easy to drink and a wonderful enhancement to a variety of foods. Enjoy Rouge et Vin Merlot with pork belly baked in a miso sauce, Brazilian pork and black-bean stew or even braised lamb with truffles.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Pinotage

Pinotage is a signature South African grape varietal, bred as a crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut, or "Hermitage" (as the same grape is referred to in South Africa). A distinguished, yet complex wine for a mature pallet. Pinotage has smoky, bramble and earthy flavors, upfront wild berry notes and firmer tannins. A fairly flexible pairing partner, going well with the likes of steak, brats, burgers, barbeque and pizza. Enjoy this wine while it’s young.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch MC2

Enjoy a bold and complex blend that reveals layer after layer of rich flavors and luscious textures with the three distinct combined varietals; Merlot, Cabernet and Cabernet Franc, which make up this “Baby” Bordeaux. Each sip of this wine will leave you with another flavor note, ranging from tobacco, raspberry, bell pepper, cassis and even violets. Each of these varietals have an affinity for oak, making the MC2 the perfect wine for those who fall on the oak loving side of the pendulum. Be patient and age MC2 for 15 months when it will be prime to pair with a grilled steak and sauteed shiitake mushrooms, or even a slow-cooked beef roast and root vegetables.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Palais du Roi

A beautiful selection within our offering of Bordeaux region wines. The Palais du Roi is a medium bodied, dark red blend that is rich in aromas of dark berries, cherries, plum and pepper. Its tannic backbone allows for graceful aging for up to twelve months, then enjoyed over a hearty dinner of pasta or beef medallions with mushroom sauce. Best served at 57-60F.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Sangiovese

Warm your senses with this Sangiovese as you’re swept to the hills of Tuscany. Much like the artistic legacy that has been bestowed upon the tradition of Tuscan grape growing; crafting this superb wine takes careful cultivation of the Sangiovese grapes and artful winemaking to produce the highest quality Italian delight. Experience subtle black pepper spice notes, with good acid levels, smooth texture and a medium body that has fruity undertones and a robust finish that tends to be bitter. Sangiovese pairs well with hearty pasta, rich tomato sauces, duck, venison, pork, sausage and most dishes that include parmesan cheese. Best served between 64-68F to ensure you can taste the distinct varied fruit flavors.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Chianti

Chianti, a luscious grape growing region situated in Tuscany in central Italy, is home to probably the best-known and most iconic of all Italian wines. Chianti is characterized by its red and black cherry character, intermingled with notes of wild herbs, mint and spice, supported by a racy acidity and mellow tannins. A perfect mate for lasagna, spaghetti bolognese, a roasted leg of lamb or even Pizza Margherita.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Rose – LIMITED QUANTITIES

Believe it or not, Rose is considered both manly and sophisticated, despite its lovely, sharp pink color. A very complex and intense nose, with notes of bush peach, lychees, tropical fruit and raspberry. A rich, supple mouth with frank and acidulous attack, but that gives the impression of a voluptuous wine. Serve with light salads, light pasta and rice dishes, especially with seafood, raw and lightly cooked shellfish, grilled fish and goats’ cheeses.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Crimson Ternion

Are you ready for something big, bold and dense? Then strap in for one of our most powerful red blends! With unification of Cabernet Sauvignon (40%), Syrah (30%) and Zinfandel (30%), we reach intense deep color, with jammy notes and serious tannins, coupled with a hint of hotness. This wine is meant to be laid down to fully experience its excellent age-worthiness. Distinctive and rich dark fruits, such as blueberry and plum, with cracked black pepper notes complement the deep berry flavors of raspberry and blackberry. Enjoy fire-side with beef brisket and grilled asparagus.

$7 Glass / $22.95 Bottle / $385 Batch Tempranillo

It’s time to expand your wine collection! Our Tempranillo from Spain is not only remarkably smooth and versatile, but also very cellar worthy. Plus, as with any collectible wine, when all else fails, you can drink it! Your first sip of this wine will hit you with the flavor of leather along with cherries. The finish is mild, smooth and lingers with tannin on both sides of your mouth. This is a delicious medium-full bodied wine with red and dark fruit characteristics. If you’ve never tried Tempranillo before you’ll find it tastes similar to Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. This is the wine for nearly every cuisine! Try it tonight with lasagna, pizza, polenta, or even tacos and chili rellenos.

$7 Glass / $22.95 Bottle / $385 Batch Primitivo

If you aren’t a wine lover yet, this wine will be your prime motivation to begin loving wine. The luscious fruit that distinguishes this wine is best enjoyed young. We think you will notice rich notes of raspberry, blackberry, boysenberry, cranberry and black cherry. You will also discern flavors of cinnamon and black pepper in this luscious wine. This wine pairs with many foods, and is also perfect when enjoyed without a meal. If you are looking for a unique pairing, put this wine with outdoor-grilled steaks, chops or meat that has been stewed with or stuffed with fruit.

$7 Glass / $22.95 Bottle / $385 Batch Petite Sirah

An approachable wine that is intense and rich with luscious blackberry characteristics mixed with black pepper notes, licorice and tar. Lush, yet easy to drink, with superb texture you will find in none other than our Petite Sirah. Perfect for complimenting wood grilled steaks and meaty red sauce dishes.

Light Bodied

$5 Glass / $9.95 Bottle / $209 Batch BIN 14 Tempranillo

Why Bin14? Since our inception, we have always been about great wine with no attitude. So, in 2014, when we re-InVINted ourselves we were tenacious about maintaining a place where people can relish small pleasures at a great price! Bin14 is that place. Like any good light, simple wine, these wines still have “legs,” are reliable, and are well-made with varietal grapes. Bin14 contains honest uncomplicated wines that are easy on the pocketbook. This wine hints of plum, leather, vanilla and clove, and is easily served with pork, Mexican and Italian dishes.

$5 Glass / $9.95 Bottle / $209 Batch BIN 14 Cabernet Sauvignon

Why Bin14? Since our inception, we have always been about great wine with no attitude. So, in 2014, when we re-InVINted ourselves we were tenacious about maintaining a place where people can relish small pleasures at a great price! Bin14 is that place. Like any good light, simple wine, these wines still have “legs,” are reliable, and are well-made with varietal grapes. Bin14 contains honest uncomplicated wines that are easy on the pocketbook. This wine hints of blackberry, blueberry, warm spice and vanilla, and is easily served with pastas, stronger cheeses, and chocolates (especially dark).

$5 Glass / $9.95 Bottle / $209 Batch BIN 14 Shiraz

Why Bin14? Since our inception, we have always been about great wine with no attitude. So, in 2014, when we re-InVINted ourselves we were tenacious about maintaining a place where people can relish small pleasures at a great price! Bin14 is that place. Like any good light, simple wine, these wines still have “legs,” are reliable, and are well-made with varietal grapes. Bin14 contains honest uncomplicated wines that are easy on the pocketbook. This wine hints of plum, black cherry, clove, black pepper and smoked meat, and is easily served with grilled dishes, rich soups and vegetables.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch White Merlot

When you’re in the mood for red wine, but the warmth of the summer sun and comfort of your patio hammock say white is the way to go; let our White Merlot come to the rescue. This lighter, more playful Merlot has juicy cherry notes that mingle with fresh raspberries and lead to a delightful and crisp finish. Pair with barbeque, seafood and even dishes that are slightly on the spicy side.

$6 Glass / $15.95 Bottle / $299 Batch Gamay Nouveau

Gamay, from France’s Beaujolais region, is a light red wine with fresh red fruit and candied aromas. It is an easy-to-drink red wine that is perfect for a party or picnic. Enjoy the essence of red cherries and strawberries with a light oak finish. Gamay has a good acid structure with very low tannins, making it better suited for early consumption. Not sure if your guests like red or white wine? Grab a bottle of Gamay and you’re sure to please the masses. Pairs nicely with roast turkey and cranberry sauce; grilled salmon fillet with roasted fennel; light chicken dishes, salads and even mild cheeses.

$5 Glass / $9.95 Bottle / $209 Batch BIN 14 Sangiovese / Merlot

Why Bin14? Since our inception, we have always been about great wine with no attitude. So, in 2014, when we re-InVINted ourselves we were tenacious about maintaining a place where people can relish small pleasures at a great price! Bin14 is that place. Like any good light, simple wine, these wines still have “legs,” are reliable, and are well-made with varietal grapes. Bin14 contains honest uncomplicated wines that are easy on the pocketbook. This wine hints of black pepper, spice, and light vanilla, and is easily served with Italian cheeses and sauces.