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Here you will find the VINtage Collection ’16.

VINtage Collection ’16 is the amalgamation of years of research and flawless production to bring you an ensemble of selections made with produce sought from growers with the utmost reputation in the vinicultural world.  Expand  your own cellar of our VINtage wines by aging these to perfection before enjoying them during momentous occasions.

VINtage Collection ’16 wines were originally announced the end of March, after the collection of wines was announced to our Wine Club.  Wines will continue to be added all year long, through the fall season, so check back often!

Red Wine

$8 Glass / $25.95 Bottle / $459 Batch Kingly Cabernet Sauvignon

Experience this full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon that features grapes from three kingly regions. California, South Africa, and Spain all contribute to this rich bouquet of ripe black fruits, with hints of cocoa, vanilla, and oak. This royal blend carries with it the flavors of blackcurrant, blackberry, and blue plum. The bold, dry finish lingers with notes of spice, black tea, and oak. With the dark fruit joining seamlessly beside the spicy oak finish, this plush red is truly fit for a king.

$8 Glass / $25.95 Bottle / $459 Batch Resistance

Unwind with this bold blend from Down Under. Experience this Cabernet Sauvignon (45%), Cabernet Franc (25%), Malbec (15%) and Merlot (15%) blend as it showcases the unique richness of varietals from Southern Australia. With rich notes of plum and dark cherry, this lush red demonstrates the complex spicy blends that find their way to us from Australia.

$8 Glass / $25.95 Bottle / $459 Batch Montage

Like a true aristocrat in ancient Rome, owning this blend: Merlot (50%), Zinfandel (20%), Petit Syrah (15%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (15%) will allow you to paint your palate with bold flavors. You might notice a hint of smokiness and a variety of bold fruits integrated with vivid red berries. For a delicious culinary delight, pair this wine with any grilled red meat or blackened chicken.

$8 Glass / $25.95 Bottle / $459 Batch Barbera Monferrato

Ease into a glass of this medium bodied red that showcases the silky tannins and fresh acidity of a true Barbera wine. A sour cherry nose is countered by a touch of earthiness, while the bright red flavors balance the richness on your palate. Suggestions of cherry and cranberry settle against hints of spice that tie the essence together. The fresh and earthy emphasis in this wine means it can be enjoyed with or without food.

$8 Glass / $25.95 Bottle / $459 Batch Siena Rosso

Gorgeous and Garnet are just a few of the descriptive words that illuminate the beautiful color of this Montepulciano from Italy. Dark plum flavors emblazoned with savory spice epitomize everything Italy has to offer. Pay attention to the unusual, but pleasant dry nature of this wine, complete with soft tannins. Enjoy this wine young and with any ragu’, salumi, wild mushrooms or any pasta with black truffles and olive oil.

$8 Glass / $25.95 Bottle / $459 Batch Patagonia Trio

Sit back and take in this unique and sophisticated blend that mixes the vibrant fruits of Pinot Noir (33%), Merlot (33%), and Syrah (34%) to form a medium bodied red that defines the best of Chile and Argentina. The soft, dry tannins playfully blend with the flavors of plum, cherry, and red berries to form an exceptional profile of Latin flavor. A perfect wine to loosen up with as its gentle notes of spice and smoky oak linger on a delicate finish. This is a wine that truly displays South American splendor.

White Wine

$7 Glass / $23.95 Bottle / $439 Batch Harmony

Stop! Take a moment to enjoy a little Harmony in your life. Relax and enjoy this aromatic blend of California Sauvignon Blanc (82%) and Muscat (18%). Savor the Sauvignon Blanc‘s citrus and fresh herbs while they play against the stone fruit and floral notes of the Muscat. Aromas of invigorating citrus, peach and melon are suggestive of a tropical sweetness. The crisp finish and playful fruit tones make this the perfect accompaniment for a warm summer’s night.